Lt Col Daniel Hennessy, RAMC

He seems to have been retired

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A Letter by his Wife Constance Elizabeth Hennessy, eldest child of David McIntyre and Lydia Merrington Tredgold, was writing to her sisters Marion and Edith (at the Cape) and brother Kenneth Grant McIntyre (in Kimberley). Con had married Dr Daniel Hennessy in about 1889. He served in India in the RAMC, retiring to the Cape about 1905-6. Their first son died in infancy; while son David Hennessy [the "Davie" of these letters] later lived and died in Ceylon. In a second letter, not included here, there is reference to Mavis McIntyre, but not to Olive, suggesting a date between March 1896 and 1899. The Queen's birthday celebrations also mentioned in that letter may refer to the Jubilee Year, 24 May 1897. There is no mention of the earthquake felt in northern Bengal in Jun 1897 (major landslides damaged Darjeeling's buildings and roads still later, in 1899). Plague, referred to in the second letter, broke out in parts of India throughout the 1890s and peaked in Calcutta in 1900. It is most likely that the two letters date from April and May 1897.

1862 Born Galbally County Limerick Ireland


1920 Jun 22 Died Harolds Cross Hospital, Dublin

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