Cecil H W Clarke

Lieut. Cecil H W Clarke awarded MBE for his actions at Headford Ambush

1918 Aug 31. RAF Flying Branch The undermentioned are granted temp commns. as 2nd Lts. C. H. W. Clarke (2nd Lt., R. Fus.).

1919 May 28. Royal Fus. 2nd Lt to be Lt. —C. H. W.Clarke

1919 May 28. The undermentioned Pilot Officers to be Flying Officers: C. H. W. Clarke.

1919 Nov 14. The undermentioned relinquish their temp. R.A.F. commns. on return to Army duty: —Pilot Officer C. H. W. Clarke (Lt., R. Fus.).

1921 Feb 11. Involved in Millstreet Train Ambush

From the Royal Fusiliers archives. At 3.50 another train from Mallow was due. By a lucky chance Clarke who had escaped by a miracle in the Millstreet ambush was on this train with fourteen men who had been on escort duty to Cork. Hearing fire ahead he stopped his train, got his men extended out across the line and beat up towards the station. That was quite enough for the rebels, who fled precipitately. They left their leader – a battalion commander – and one other man – a bomber – dead behind them, and two other bodies were seen during the persuit. From the number of funerals which took place in the neighbouring churches during the few days following it is surmised and hoped that they may have lost even more. The “I” Branch have put it as high as fourteen.

1929 Dec 22. R. Fus.— Capt. C. H. W. Clarke, M.B.E., is seed, for serv. as an Adjt., T.A

1929 Dec 22. 1st C. of London. R.—Capt. C. H. W. Clarke, M.B.E., R. Fus., to be Adjt.

1933 Dec 22. 1st C. of London Regt — Capt. C. H. W. Clarke, M.B.E., R. Fus., vacates the appt. of Adjt.

1934 Apr 18. Capt. C.. H. W: Clarke, M.B.E.,. is restd. to the estabt.

1935 May 16. Royal Fus. Capt. C. H. W. Clarke, M.B.E., retires on ret. pay.

1940 Mar 11. R. Fus. Capt. C. H. W. Clarke, M.B.E. (17011), to be Bt, Maj.


Headford Junction Ambush