Alfred Francis Maitland Tower, Essex Regt

2nd Lieut A.F.M. Tower - Essex Regt

1901 Born Curragh Camp in Ireland - his father was a Capt in 3rd Hussars

1911 census at : Cotefiled Leighton Buzzard

1920 Dec 24 The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets, from the Royal Military College, to be 2nd Lts, —Essex R. Alfred Francis Maitland Tower.

1921 Mar 20 Wounded at Crossbarry Ambush. The Record of the Rebellion states that Lt A F Tower, the officer in charge, considered that he was safe being in sight of his destination: he accordingly called in the escort and got on the vehicle for the last few hundred yards" Tower fired a distress flare which was seen by other British troops. Lt Hotblack was apparently acting on this and trying to attack the IRA flank when he was shot an mortally wounded. The Official History criticises Tower for calling in the flanking guards even though he was in sight of his objective and even though he had not been given enough men to have front and rear guards as well as flank guards. Whilst keeping the guards out might have been over vigilant "neglect of this even when it seems ridiculous, may lead to disarray as occurred on this occasion" Nevertheless Tower was awarded a parchment certificate for his conduct at Crossbarry

1921 May 28. Essex Regt. 2nd Lt. A. F. M. Tower is placed on. the h.p list on account of ill-health.

1922 Sep 19. Essex B.—2nd Lt. A. F. M. Tower is placed on the h.p. list on account of. ill-health.

1922 Dec 28. 2nd Lt. A. F. M. Tower, from the h.p. list, to be 2nd Lt., with precedence next above D. F. C. Scott.

1922 Dec 24. Essex R.—The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts. — A. F. M. Tower

1923 Jun 9. Died Farnham, Surrey

1923 Jul 26 Probate to his father


Crossbarry Ambush