S/12104 Private Lewis Frank Williams, D Supply Company, RASC



19 Oct 1886 born Bayswater, London to Frank and Emily Jane Williams

27 Feb 1887 Baptism

Jan 1901 joins Great Western Railway as a Lad Clerk aged 14

1904 Resigned Great Western Railway and started working as a Clerk at the Exchange Telegraph Cable Company, Wharf Road, City Road, London

29 July 1906 enlisted at London aged 19 into The Dragoon Guards as 1DG/6358 Private Lewis Frank Williams and posted to Aldershot for 7 years regular service and 5 years reserve service

1 Oct 1906 Posted to Hounslow to the 1st (King’s) Dragoon Guards

6 Nov 1907 Embarked for India on SS Assaye

28 Nov 1907 Disembarked at India

2 Dec 1907 Arrived at Ambala (Umballa)

1 July 1912 Posted to Kasauli a Colonial hill station, 77 km from Shimla

1 Oct 1912 Posted to Ambala (Umballa)

Dec 1913 Posted to England for discharge to the Reserves

Jan 1914 Starts Reserve service in England

Recalled to service with the 5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales’s) Dragoon Guards at Aldershot as D/19660 Private Lewis Frank Williams

27 Aug 1914 Landed in France

10 Oct 1915 Returned to the UK for some reason

26 March 1916 Posted to 1st (King’s) Dragoon Guards in France

14 Oct 1917 Posted to the UK

Nov 1917 Posted to India to re-join the 1st (King’s) Dragoon Guards

15 Dec 1918 Posted to Poona (Pune) and attached to the Military Accounts Department.

12 Oct 1919 Embarked at Bombay for UK on SS Huntsgreen

7 Jan 1920 Discharged to the Class Z Reserve at Canterbury

31 March 1920 Discharged. Address on discharge 32 Wolsey Road, Mildmay Park, London.

25 Jan 1921 Re-enlisted into the Royal Army Service Corps aged 34 years and 98 days at Whitehall.

Next of kin: His Brother Percy Williams

S/12104 Private Lewis Frank Williams posted to D Supply Company, RASC at Dublin

12 Aug 1921 Reported missing Dublin from D Supply Company, RASC

18 Aug 1921 Declared a deserter. . Relatives anxious

8 Sept 1921 deserter

30 Oct 1922 In Army custody

20 Nov 1922 Court Martialled for desertion in Dublin, awarded 56 days detention.

25 April 1924 Transferred from the Supply to Motor Transport Branch

6 May 1924 Joined 14 MT Company

12 Nov 1926 Embarked for Egypt

23 Nov 1926 Disembarked at Alexandria and joined 30 MT Company

16 Feb 1928 Embarked for UK

27 Feb 1928 Disembarked in the UK joined ‘Q’ Depot

27 March 1928 Joined 35 MT Company

2 Nov 1928 Joined 23 MT Company

19 Nov 1929 Discharged at Devonport with the Rank of Corporal B MT Company

1939 Working as a Clerk for the Ministry Of Labour Employment living at 18 Queen Street, Workington M.B., Cumberland, England




British soldiers missing in Ireland