1031780, 284984 Driver Harry Weston, 71st Battery, 36th Brigade Royal Field Artillery

1900 Aug 3. Born Northants

1901 census in Northampton

1911 census on a farm as a visitor


1919 Mar 12. Attested (for 6/6) aged 18 at Lincoln . Horseman from Grafton, Northants. Nok Jessie Harris, Skellingthorpe, Lincolnshire

1922 Feb 17. Went missing at Newbridge. .Age 21

1923. Relatives anxious

1923 Jan 26 to 26 Jan 1930 enlisted in RAF then to reserve for 5 years . Enlisted (7/5) Royal Air Force at RAF Depot Uxbridge, Training Squadron . 353131 Aircraftman 2nd Class, Harry Weston, Royal Air Force. Claimed to have worked as a Clerk from 20 Feb 1920 to Sept 1922 for Mr W Forrest, at Underbank House, Crosford, by Carluke, Scotland

14 April 1923 posted to the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment at Martlesham Heath, Suffolk

1 April 1924 re-classified as Acting Corporal Clerk (Aircraftman 1st Class)

1 Aug 1924 re-mustered as Clerk General Duties, Group 4

16 Aug 1924 posted to M Depot Squadron, Uxbridge

18 Sept 1924 posted to Iraq

19 Oct 1924 Posted to Air Head Quarters, Baghdad Iraq. Air Headquarters was initially situated in the Old British Residency. The airmen were accommodated in a compound at Southgate. Also served at RAF Hinaidi near Baghdad.

17 Feb 1925 Obtained Leading Aircraftman Educational Certificate Class ‘B’

26 Jan 1926 Awarded Good Conduct Badge

2 Jan 1927 Posted to India

8 Jan 1927 Posted to the Aircraft Depot, Drigh Road, Karachi. This was when T. E. Lawrence also arrived at the Depot serving as Aircraftman Thomas Edward Shaw

19 March 1929 Posted to the Home Establishment, UK

9 April 1929 Posted to the Head Quarters, Fighting Area. The Air Defences of Great Britain comprised of the Bombing Area, Fighting Area and Special Reserve and the Auxiliary Air Force

25 Jan 1930 Transferred to Class ‘E’ RAF Reserve, for Ex-regular airmen with a training requirement of 14 days per year if required for ground trades


1930 Aug 16 Married Clara Matilda Emms at Ipswich

25 Jan 1935 Discharged. Address on discharge 391 Ipswich Road, Colchester

18 Dec 1937 Enlisted for 4 years in Section II Class’E’ Reserve. Coniston Cottage, Saint Margaret Road, North Berwick, East Lothian

24 Aug 1939 Mobilisation notices sent out to AuxAF and RAFVR.

25 Aug 1939 Recalled from RAF Reserve at No 3 Personnel Transit Centre, West Drayton

29 Aug 1939 Head Quarters No1 Group, Abingdon

1 Sept 1939 Members of the RAF Reserve and RAF Volunteer Reserve are called out for permanent service. At 4.45am Germany commenced the invasion of Poland.

13 Sept 1939 Posted to Head Quarters, Advanced Air Striking Force, Field. Formed 24 Aug 1939 from No 1 (Bomber) Group an disbanded 26 Jun 1940. Its ten squadrons of Fairey Battles dispatched to airfields in the Rheims area on 2 Sept 1939. It was an independent command from the British Expeditionary Force and at first reported directly to the Air Ministry. However this arrangement proved to be inadequate and on 15 Jan 1940 it was placed under the command of the British Air Forces in France headquarters. That headquarters also took the Air Component of the British Expeditionary Force under its command. Political considerations prevented the use of the AASF against Germany and it only saw action once the Germans attacked in the west in May 1940.

1 Nov 1939 reclassified h F/C

18 June 1940 Posted to the Home Establishment UK

1 March 1941 Promoted Temporary Sergeant

1 June 1944 Promoted Temporary Flight Sergeant

JJun 1982 Clara Matilda Weston died at Norwich Outer, Norfolk, aged 80

Missing in Ireland