Jeremiah Twomey RMLI

1898 Aug 3 Born Inchegeelagh, Macroom, Cork

1916 Mar 8. Enlisted in Cork (aged 17) Farmer. RMLI Depot (Deal) recruits (Under age)


1916 Jun 14. Classification for Conduct ‘First Class’

1916 Aug 3. No longer under age

1 Nov 1916 Nov 1. to 3rd Royal Marine Battalion

1916 Nov 9 to 25 Jan 1919 3rd Royal Marine Battalion, based on Mudros. 3rd Royal Marine Battalion was raised in October/November 1916 to replace army units as garrisons on Greek administered islands in the eastern Aegean.

18 July 1919 Jul 18. 6th Royal Marine Battalion, Chatham, Home Based Ledger, i.e. HBL Home Base Ledger) within the Headquarters (1919 - July - 6th Bn, RMLI Murmansk, Russia - disbanded October 1919) 6th Royal Marine Battalion was formed during July 1919 under Lt–col A. de W. Kitkat, RMLI, for supervision of the plebiscite in Schleswig–Holstein (northern Germany), they were diverted to relieve northern Russian garrisons. Many of the men were employed in GHQ and as clerks on the Murmansk railway. The companies, each reduced by these commitments to some 140 or so young Marines, were sent to forward areas on Lake Onega. At Kapaselga some 15 miles south of the Medvyejya Gora base the Marines took over the outpost line, which had been pushed south. General Maynard was moving what forces he could to secure lines of communication the Shunga Peninsula where a rising against the Bolsheviks had been successful, About this time several8 small units ‘were relegated to the lines of communication’, including some Marines after they refused duty. On 23 August the companies were deployed, and on the night of 28–9 August moved against two concentrations of Finnish troops supporting the Bolsheviks. After this action and the subsequent operations, the companies were replaced by White Russians and Serbians (a battalion of these fighters served in the Allied force), and sailed from Murmansk on 8 October, being dispersed a week later.

1919 Oct 15. Portsmouth Division

1919 Dec 12. War Gratuity Paid £19

1920 Jun 2. transferred to Home Based Ledger, Portsmouth, 8th Royal Marine Battalion, Queenstown, Ireland. His Character rating went from Very Good to Fair, and he lost a Good Conduct Stripe. The 8th Royal Marine Battalion was brought together in June 1920, sailing to Cork in HMS Valiant and Warspite before being taken by destroyer to protect coastguard and signal stations around the coast. 17 June 1920 awarded Good Conduct Stripe 16 Aug 1920 lost Good Conduct Stripe . 30 Sept 1920 lost 24 days towards his Pension (4 days re-instated)

1920 Nov 6. Deserted and forfeited his medals. Po.19283 Private Jeremiah Twomey, Royal Marine Light Infantry, Home Based Ledger Ports, 8th Battalion Royal Marine, Queenstown, Reported as Deserted. Officially Discharged 6 Nov 1920

1931 Apr 15. Died in Cork (correct age).


British soldiers died in Ireland