4026316 Pte A Powell, KSLI

1921 May 10. Went missing at Curragh. Relatives anxious


I learned that this attack was in contemplation when I received word to report to the Vice O/C. of the Brigade, Peadar O'Loughlin. Tullaha. I went to Tullaha. on the night of 1.12.1919 where O'Loughlin, (alias Cahill), Daniel Tarpey, John Joe Markham anstin Georgety and A Paddy Ward were assembled. Powell, a deserter from the British Army and a. native of Birr, was the only person outside the district among us. Arms were issued and the purpose of the assembly was explained. Cahill was given a rifle. O'Loughlin and myself had revolvers and the others shotguns.


Missing in Ireland