49974 Private Hugh Murray, 1st Battalion Cameronian (Scottish Rifles)


1915 May Enlisted as 40818 Private Hugh Murray, Highland Light Infantry (date from regimental number)

Joined the 12th Service Battalion, Highland Light Infantry, 46th Brigade in 15th (Scottish) Division in France post 1915

1916 Spring, the Division was involved in German gas attacks near Hulluch (27-29 April 1916) and in the defence of the Kink position (11 May 1916). These are among the engagements officially known as the Actions of Spring 1916

1916 Battle of the Somme

1917 Arras Offensive

1917. Third Battle of Ypres

1918 Feb 3. the battalion transferred to 106th Brigade in 35th Division.

Final Advance in Flanders

1918 Nov 9. the Division established a bridgehead across the River Scheldt near Berchem. two days later the Division was ordered to push on to the line of the River Dender and before 11am had entered Grammont; by the time of the Armistice posts had been established across the river and at the sluice.

1918 Dec. many miners were demobilised during the month and demobilisation continued. Jan1919, units of the Division was called upon to quell rioting in the transit camps at Calais. The Division ceased to exist by the end of April 1919.

1919 Aug. posted to the Tank Corps as 305268 Private Hugh Murray (date from regimental number)

1920 Jan .posted to the 1st Battalion Cameronian (Scottish Rifles), as 49974 Private Hugh Murray, at the Curragh, Ireland Curragh (date from regimental number)

1920 Aug 3, missing at the Curragh Camp

1923 Relatives cannot be traced

1924 Jan 29. medals returned

Missing in Ireland