Po.17377 Pte Samuel Edwards RMLI

1896 Jun 17 Born Wolverhampton

1901 census at Stowheath Lane, Willenhall, Portobello

1911 census at Stowheath Lane Portobello Willenhall. His trade is Blacksmith Striker, which is what it was when he enlisted.

1914 Aug 10. Enlisted in Royal Marines. His mother is his next of kin, Mrs Mary J Edwards of 129 Willenhall Road, Wolverhampton. Posted to Recruits Depot Deal, Training with ‘A’ Company

12 Sept 1914 Sep 12. Transferred to Portsmouth to join the ‘Victory’ Royal Marine Brigade

1914 Sep 13. Field training

1921 Mar 2. Portsmouth Battalion 9/10/14. 1914 Star issued to R.M.L.I. Gosport 21/4/1919, Clasp issued 22/4/1921 but returned as man Deserted

1914 Sep 19. RMLI Brigade disembarked at Dunkirk with orders to assist in the defence of Antwerp, with only a few days prior service. Serving in ‘D’ Company.

October 1914 Oct 4 to 14. Defence of Antwerp

1914 Oct 4. 1st Marine Brigade marched to Lier, where during the previous night the Germans had taken Fort Kessel, and took up positions in the firing line.  It was coincidence that the Germans had chosen the area between Lier and Duffel for the next day’s assault.

1914 Oct 5. Germans suffered a shock at the hands of the British as their infantry advance was cut down by rifle fire.  Nonetheless, they got four battalions across the Nete by using a hastily-constructed trestle bridge Both Belgians and British fell back, as their positions were in danger of being surrounded.

1914 Oct 8. 1st British Marine Brigade had been strengthened by the addition of two further brigades, similarly untrained and lightly equipped, making up the Royal Naval Division.  Positioned on the old fort line between Forts 2 and 7, and were right in the middle of the German fire.

1914 Oct 9. The Portsmouth Battalion of the RMLI, went to Kemseke. While there they fought with advance units of the 37th Landwehr Brigade.  About half eventually got away and finally did get a train at Zelzate.  The remainder, plus some 400 Belgians, surrendered at Kemseke.

1914 Oct 9. Prisoner of War.

1916 Aug 9. Awarded Good Conduct Badge while a Prisoner of War

1918 Feb 122. Listed at the ‘Mannschaftslager’ Chemnitz POW Camp Saxony, Camp located in the Friedrich-August Kaserne in the XIX Army Corps (Leipzig). His father is his next of kin, Charles Edwards

1918 Dec 24. repatriated to UK

28 Dec 1918 Re-engaged with Royal Marine Light Infantry

24 Feb 1919 Headquarters Portsmouth Division

17 March 1919 Portsmouth Royal Marine Light Infantry Depot

24 May 1919 1914 Star issued to Royal Marine Light Infantry Gosport

16 Aug 1919 War Gratuity paid

Revision of Drills

18 Oct 1919 Musketry Course

4 Jan 1920 PT, Squad Fighting Drill

4 Feb 1920 Field Training Drill

5 Feb 1920 Bombing Course passed

21 Feb 1920 Infantry Drill

22 Feb 1920 Musketry Course 1st Class

25 Feb 1920 Headquarters Portsmouth Division

1 June 1920 Embarked for Ireland

2 June 1920 Home Based Ledger, 8th Royal Marine Battalion, Ireland

2 March 1921 Deserted ‘Run’ from the Military Hospital at Holywood near Belfast The Holywood Military Convalescent Hospital, near Belfast was under orders of Irish Command, for men whose homes were in Ireland or who belonged to Irish regiments from any command.

22 April 1921 Clasp issued but returned as man Deserted

1976 Sep Died West Midlands

Name: Samuel Edwards
Birth Date: 12 Jun 1896
Date of Registration: Sep 1976
Age at Death: 80
Registration district: Sandwell
Inferred County: West Midlands
Volume: 33



British soldiers died in Ireland