Pte Allan/Allen Daw, 1st Royal Warwickshire Regt

1904 Mar 22. Born Birmingham

1911 census Living at Tilton Rd, Birmingham

Deserted while on duty at the Border and joined the Republicans taking his rifle

1923 Jan 10. arrested

1923 Jan 12. escaped from custody at Newry

20 Feb 1923 Court Martial at Newry. Had spent 41 days in custody. Charged with Desertion, Quitting Post, Loss of equipment, and attempting to escape from custody.  Pleaded Guilty. 2 years Imprisonment with Hard Labour and to be discharged with Ignominy.


1927 Aug 7. Allan Or Allen Daw from Birmingham on the Habitual Criminals Register 1928 which might be the same man. He got 9 months, but spent twice that in gaol.

1928 Mar 3. Sentenced to a further 12 months for Office Breaking

1929 Feb 2. Released from custody

1930 Aug 19. Gets 18 months for Larceny

1931 Nov 24 Released from gaol. He lost remission

1932 Jul 20. Gaol again


1972 Apr/Jun . Died Poole


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