Edward Gray, born Edward Conreavy

Mark Hifle sent me this fascinating story


16 Dec 1887 Edward Gray born at Mohill, Co Leitrim as Edward Colreavy

1901 cenus at Mohill.

1908 Nov 18. Enlisted into Irish Guards. Gives his address as Coulbaun Cottage , Mohill, where his family are in fact living in 1911 census

1910 Jul 25 Discharged from Irish Guards, as medically unfit

16 or 18 Jan 1911 Enlisted into Royal Welsh Fusiliers. The 1st Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers was based in Dublin at this time.

2 Oct 1911 There is an Edward Gray who joined Guinness aged 23, born 16 Dec 1887 and living in Dublin.            Serving as a Reservist or possibly discharged from Army.

28 Nov 1912 Edward Gray marries Eva McEvoy in Dublin (RAF Record)

21 Nov 1913 His son Reginald Anthony Gray born in Dublin. (There is a Reginald Anthony Gray on the Electoral Register in Wandsworth, London in 1937)

13 Nov 1914 His daughter Fredericka Louisa born in Dublin

Nov 1915 Transferred to the 5th Battalion Connaught Rangers as 6427 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Edward Gray

7 Aug 1915 Joined the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force.

April 1918 Transferred as 519661 Company Sergeant Major Edward Gray, to the Labour Corps Clearing Office

13 March 1919 discharged as a Company Sergeant Major due to wounds

Working as a Clerk as a civilian.

19 Dec 1919 Maintenance order to pay 30/- per week to his wife imposed

7 Aug 1920 enlists into the RAF 342503 2nd Class Aircraftsman Edward Gray. Posted to the Training Section, RAF Uxbridge as a Clerk Group 4 and awarded a Good Conduct Badge.

26 Aug 1920 Posted to Head Quarters CA

17 Oct 1920 Placed on the Marriage Establishment

29 Sept 1920 Posted to RAF Hounslow AB

21 Jan 1921 Appointed Acting Corporal (Unpaid)

12 Feb 1921 Posted to No.4 Section, RAF Halton AH

7 March 1921 Posted to RAF Halton AB

10 March 1921 Passed Course of Instruction on Police Duties. A Scheme was established at all RAF stations in 1921, to prepare for cases of civil disturbance.

14 May 1921 Reverts to 2nd Class Aircraftsman on ceasing Police Duties

25 May 1921 Posted to Ireland, Area RAF Depot

14 July 1921 Re classed as Clerk

8 Aug 1921 Post as a Clerk (General Duties)

7 Nov 1921 Promoted to 1st Class Aircraftsman

1 Aug 1922 1914-15 Medal issued and returned unclaimed

20 Aug 1922 Declared a deserter

25 Sept 1922 Enlisted as Edward Grayson into Free State Army at the Curragh

Sergeant Major Edward Grayson, Stewart Barracks, Curragh Command. Claims to be single and he lists Violet Emily Carter as his NOK and states she is a Cousin.

23 Dec 1922 Edward Grayson marries Violet Emily Carter, at Conway, Wales. His RAF service record has him being struck off the Marriage Establishment on this Date by the Head Quarters Ireland.

30 Jan 1923 Edward Grayson charged in Dublin Northern Police Court with bigamy and failing to comply with a maintenance order. Returned for Trial. He had been discharged from the Free State Army by this point.

30 Jan 1923 to 29 March 1923 in Mountjoy Prison for Bigamy.

21 March 1923 Issued with a Protection Certificate (deserters) by the British Military. He must have been in contact with the British Military Authorities while in Prison.

4 June 1923 Served 2 months for Non-payment of Wife’s Maintenance at Mountjoy Prison

8 Jan 1924 Served 3 months for desertion of wife & Neglected to pay maintenance at Mountjoy Prison

1939 Register Appears to be living with Constance Gray . He is an assistant Billiard Hall Manager, dob is correct. 48 London Way , Lambeth, London

April 1941 Apparently serving as a Flight Lieutenant at RAF West Ruislip, No. 4 Maintenance Unit part of No. 40 Group RAF (Equipment)




Deserters from British Army