2123/T(Ch) Stoker Arthur William Young RNR

1882 Jan 27 Born, South Bank, Yorks (he must have used false DOB as censuses point to 1884)

1891 census at 24 Redcar Rd, Normanby, Middleborough.

1901 census at 128, North Street, Normanby, South Bank

1911 census at 128 North St South Bank So Yorkshire

Served on HMS Hyderabad, a purpose-built Q-ship. This was a 600-ton vessel, launched in 1917, with a very shallow draught to allow torpedoes to pass under the ship and armed with one 4-inch, two 12-pdr, and one 2 1/2-pdr guns, two 18-inch torpedo tubes, four depth charges and four A/S howitzers, all, except the 2 1/2-pdr, concealed.

Ditmarr & Colledge "British Warships 1914-1919" "HYDERABAD was designed specifically for service as a decoy vessel. She possessed many unique and elaborate features; unusually shallow draught, tilting gun mountings, and collapsible deck structures used to conceal weapons. Twin screws were set in tunnels in the after part of the hull and a false rudder-top that was visible above water suggested a deep draught Reports of torpedoes passing under her hull indicate that the above-water deception was successful. It was intended that one CMB should be carried. The normal crew was 73 at the time of completion (24.9.17). The number 966 used as an operational name stemmed from the builder's number. After refitting as a depot ship, HYDERABAD served in North Russia during the 1919 campaign."

1919 Feb 7. Died age 34, drowned. Son of William and Rachel Young, of South Bank, Yorks. HMS Hyderabad . Brother: Albert Edward 78 Princess St South Bank Middlesborough

Buried Deans Gate Cemetery, Dublin

Hyderabad arrived Dublin on 5 Feb and departed for Falmouth 12 Feb

British soldiers died in Ireland