Waterfall Kidnappings - 15 Nov 1920

The IRA boarded a train at Waterfall station just outside Cork, and removed a number of British officers. They were in mufti, "so that people were less likely to notice them"

Winess Statement 1547 By Michael Murphy. Cork Commandant IRA

Capture of British Intelligence Officers at Waterfall. On 17th November 1920, as a result of information received, a few of our lads armed with revolvers were watching the trains. Four British Intelligence officers were seen to enter a firstclass compartment and the 'boys' got on the train with them. When the train stopped at Waterfall Station, which is the first station on the way to Macroom, our lads ordered the British officers out and shot them there and then.

The British seemed genuinely bewildered as to why these particular men had been kidnapped

The Inquiry ascertained the following

1921 Nov 29. The IRA confirm that the men were executed, but details of their burial place did not emerge.

1926 One of the widows is requesting information from the Dominions Office for information on his death/burial and there was correspondence between the Dominions Office and Dublin as to the whereabouts of several missing Officers.

British soldiers died in Ireland