Second Lieutenant Frederick Clarence Sharman MSM

1891 Apr Born son of George and Lydia Sharman. Older brothers Samuel and William.

1901 census living at St Mary Street, Eynesbury, St Neotts

1908 May 18 Enlists

1909 Jan 29. Fractures collar bone on duty

1911 census. He is a Gunner in Royal Field Artillery at Shorncliffe Camp

1914 May 17 Transferred to Reserves after 6 years service. Still only a Gunner

1914 Aug 5, Mobilized

1914 Aug 13. Promoted Cpl

1914 Aug 26 Posted to 45 Brigade HQ

1914 Nov 6 Landed in France.

1915 Nov 9. Promoted Sergeant (50689) and posted to 45 Brigade Ammunition Column

1916 Feb 10 Leave to UK for 11 days

1916 Jun 230 Posted 45 Brigade HQ.

1917 Jan 6. Awarded MSM "Valuable services rendered with the armies in the field during the present war"

1917 May 25 Granted commission 2nd Lt and posted 24 Division Artillery

1920 Aug 18 Died age 30.

The patrol consisted of 1 Officer and 10 ORs on night of 18/19 Aug. It was a Manchester Regt patrol, and Sharman was attached to the regt. Where Mountainy Men have Sown records the ambush, written by a man who took part. There were about 20 of them in the ambushing group. They appear to have had 2 rifles, 2 revolvers and 6 or 7 shotguns. The cycle patrol approached their ambush position towards the top of a hill. When the officer was about 30 yards away, an IRA man with a revolver stepped into the road and called on them to surrender. The British soldiers stood on their cycle pedals and tried to ride through the ambush position. The IRA opened fire and the officer Sharman was hit. 4 soldiers were wounded and the IRA removed all the patrol's rifles and equipment plus their cycles."Green tears for Hecuba" also has an account of the ambush and mentions a Private Hitchen who was not wounded.

Wounded were

Son of George and Lydia Sharman, of St. Neots. His mother was provisionally awarded a pension of £90 a year, pending any compensation case. His record had given next of kin as Father - Of Shaftesbury Av, St Neotts and Brother A W Sharman of The Gables, Walderslade, Chatham,. Kent.

1921 Jun 24 Mrs Sharman and her daughter were awarded £2000 compensation

1921 Jan 11. Probate to Lydia Sharman (His mother)

British Soldiers died in Ireland