Flight Lieutenant Gurth Alwyn Richardson Royal Air Force (attached Essex Regiment)

1890 Jun 5. Born Norwich. The second son of Mr T W Richardson MRCS Eng and Mrs Richardson.

1891 census living at 21 Surrey St, Norwich

1901 census. He is a boarder at Latte House School, Bexhill, Sussex.

1911 Mar 3. Leaves UK bound for Pernambuco, Brazil on SS Asturias. Prior to the war he was carrying out cable and wireless work in the Amazon.

1915 Jun 26. Arrives in UK on SS Anthony from Manaus, Brazil. He is an Electrician and UK address is 10 Claremont Rd, Norwich

1915 Jul 14 Enlisted. Served as Air Mechanic on HMS President II. President II was an accounting base, so someone listed at President II could be on a ship or boat too small for it’s own paymaster, or at another land base.

1916 Apr 12. Commissioned. W/T Duties at White City as Sub-Lt in RNVR. His RNAS and RAF service record

1916 May 1. Posted to Talbot Works W/T duties

1916 May 28 To "N" School Portsmouth

1916 Jul 28. Flying Officers (Observers).— Temp. 2nd Lt. G. T. Richardson, Gen. List.

1916 Aug 12. To Roehampton

1916 Sep 3. To G School Eastchurch

1916 Oct 20 To no1 Wing Dunkirk for "O" and W/T

1917 Apr 1 "appointment terminated" Reappointed Observer Sub-Lt

1917 May 12. Interned in Holland. During the war he served in the RNAS. During an operation by monitors to bombard the lock gates at Zeebrugge, Officer Lieutenant G A Richardson was Gun-layer in Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter N5154 Firefly of 2 Naval Sqn along with pilot Flight Sub-lieutenant N Von L Tapscott. This machine was on standby wireless duty for ranging the monitors guns, the attack was delayed and their machine was heavily fired upon suffering engine failure and the pilot being put out of action. Richardson managed to bring the machine down in Dutch territory at Cadzand. Tapscott and Richardson were both interned in Holland for the rest of the war.

1917 May 16. Temp. 2nd Lt. G. T. Richardson, Gen. List, from a Flying Officer (Observer)

1917 Jun 1. The undermentioned 2nd Lts., Spec. Res.,, to be temp. Lts. whilst serving with R.F.C. G T Richardson

1918 Apr 1. To be Lt (hon Captain)

1918 Sep 8. Repatriated as POW and goes on leave

1919 Jan 16. Returns to duty to 1 Squadron, and reclassified from "O" to "T" Captain

1919 Feb 4. To 6 Squadron

1919 Jul 17. Posted to 1 Squadron as Capt Tech. at Kidbrooke

After his return from Holland he served as an inspector of Wireless Stations and in 1920 was engaged in erecting and maintaining wireless telephone stations in Ireland.

1919 Sep 19. The following officers have been granted short service Commissions in the ranks stated, with effect from 12th Sept. 1919. They will retain their seniority in the substantive rank last held by them prior to the grant of the short service Commission, except where otherwise stated: — Flight Lt. Gurth Alwyn Richardson (T.).

1919 Jan 18 . Technical Branch. The undermentioned Capts. to be Capts., Grade (A.) : Gurth Alwyn Richardson (from O.).

1920 Oct 10. Died in the Percival Ambush. at Newcestown. He was driving the first of the two tenders, the one in which Percival was sitting. He was from the wireless section of the RAF.

Buried in Norwich. His mother lived at 550 Unthank Rd, Norwich. His funeral took place with a RAF escort from Pulham Air Station. Amongst the RAF officers attending the service was Squadron Leader A W Tedder (later Marshal of the RAF Lord Tedder).


Percival Ambush