Palmer John Parry


RAF Museum has his service record online His home address is Waverton, Cheshire

1898 . Born Caernarvonshire

1901 census

1911 census


It seems he initially joined up in the army with a group of friends - they lied about their age, but were accepted without any problems. The nephew told me that he was amongst the first to receive a commission to join the RAF (or RFC) and that he survived the war. He then found himself fighting in Russia against the Bolsheviks and even survived being shot down there. The nephew has a photo of his uncle in an aircraft in the snows of Russia - his aircraft D2854 was flown by No 221 Sqn from Petrovsk (north of Baku on the west bank of the Caspian Sea) in 1919. It often appears in colour profiles of DH 9s as there was a distinctive blue arrow along the fuselage side from the roundel to the nose

1921 Jul 11 Arrives UK from Bombay "Military"

1922 Feb 10 Bristol Fighter D7856, 100 Squadron: Crashed after take-off, Baldonnel

1922 Feb 11. Died in hospital , Ireland. Age 25. The Observer in the plane , AC/2 James Ernest Harris , also died

His death certificate labelled in Gaelic and English which gives the following information: Death registered in No.3 North City, Eleventh February 1922 at the King George Hospital, Palmer John Parry of 44 Snowdon Street, Penygroes, Nth Wales. Male. Single. Aged 25 years. Flying Officer Royal Air Force. Died in King George Hospital from Haemorrhage of the Brain. Information received from Louis A. Byrne, Coroner for the City of Dublin. Inquest held 13 Feb 22. Death registered 23 02 1922.

The following appeared in a local North Wales newspaper 21/2/1922
"On Friday the sad news was received by Mr and Mrs T G Parry, Miners, Snowdon Street, Penygroes that their son Mr Palmer J Parry had met with a fatal accident in an aeroplane at Blandonnel, Dublin when he and a colleague were about to fly over to England. After rising some hundreds of feet the machine fell to earth and they were seriously injured, both dying later in hospital on Tuesday. His body was brought to Penygroes under military escort on Thursday. A large congregation met to bury him at St Rhedyw, Llanllyfni. A number of Air Force Officers were present. There was a volley of shots over his grave and the last post was sounded."

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