2nd. Hand. James Frederick Martin R N R. 1122.S.A. (PO.)

Martin was in the navy in 1907, as his war service record shows 1907 certificate of competence as a 2nd Hand. 2nd Hand was a Royal Naval Reserve (Trawler Section) Petty Officer Equivalent 1912 - 1919

1879 Apr 12 . Born London on Navy record and CWGC. The closest I can find is a James Frederick Martin born Bethnal Green Apr/Jun 1877

1881 census was 3rd Apr so he was 1 then if his Naval age is correct, which I suspect is wrong

1891 census This could be him, which would explain why I cannot find his birth and his later career. There is a 12 year old called James Martin on the 1891 Census 'Under legal detention to the age of 16 years according to the Industrial Schools Act of 1866' 'Under Training' Sea. A Nautical Training Ship Shaftesbury , at off Grays, Essext. His place of birth is given as Norwood, Surrey

The Shaftesbury was certified  31st July 1878 by the London School Board, the second set up by this Board. To give it its full name "London Industrial School Ship Shaftesbury". It had been the NUBIA, an ex Peninsular and Oriental Company ship, made of iron.  It was 300ft long, with a 40 ft beam. It was certified for 350 boys  Apparently unmanageable boys were sent here. This was usually done by a magistrate in London, who would send them to a training ship, a police officer or an officer of the board would take the boy and hand him over to the ship’s Petty Officer. On-board ship they were taught skills they could use legitimately, such as carpentry, tailoring, shoemaking and sail making as well as seamanship. BMJ Article

1901 Census HMS 'Royal Arthur', on Station  Australia, Sydney

1911 Census HMS 'Argyle', on Station Gibraltar

1915 Jan 25. Enlisted "called out by proclamation". Indicating that he was in the Reserve already.


1919 Mar 6. Died in Ireland."Accidental death by drowning - no blame attributable" Attached to HM Yacht Boadicea II which was the depot ship at Kingstown, Co Dublin from 1 July 1915 until 16 May 1919 Kingstown, Ireland .

Wife. Mary Ann. 32, St Clare St, Aberdeen. Buried St Peters Cemetery, St Peter's, Aberdeen.



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