Lance Corporal Thomas Maddox 52203, Essex Regiment

1888. He was born to Frederick and Emily Maddox in Brentford

1891 census 2, Prospect Cottages, Burdett Row, Twyford Abbey Ealing, Brentford

1901 census at 30, The Ham, New Brentford, Brentford

1911 census at Corunna Barracks, Aldershot and a Pte 4/ Royal Fusiliers, born Middlesex

1912 Oct. Married Emily Chandler at Brentford. I was brought up by George Maddox - Thomas's son and my Mother, Shirley, Georges his daughter. My Grandfather only ever told me and my Mother that Thomas was killed by the IRA and was shot in the back of head.. I have no further knowledge of events apart from copies of the photos you have already posted. From what I understand Thomas was on leave when he met Emily Chandler a childhood friend when they conceived Thomas George Chandler. Thomas was born in August of 1912 and they married in October that year when he was next on leave. My Grandfather was born in 1918 (George) and another son in 1920 (Frederick). My Grandfather never had any memories of his father apart from those imparted by his widow Emily.

1915 Jan 18. Landed France with Royal Fusiliers

1920 Jul 27. Killed while on an intelligence operation in Cork. Major Percival led a raid on the home of a suspected IRA man following the shooting of a RIC Sgt Mulherin. Percival says "I took a picked man and proceeded to the house of a local IRA leader which was situated only 500 yards from our barracks, with a view to watching it. On entering the garden a shot rang out and the man fell dead. Shot through the head by a fellow armed with a shotgun loaded with slugs. We had walked on to the top of an IRA piquet which was protecting the house"

There are 2 mentions in Witness Statements which tell the story from the IRA perspective- WS 1640 James Doyle

Towards the end of July 1920, two men from my company (Kilpatrick) Michael Doyle and John Coveney were detailed for protection duty at the home of Sean Buckley (Brigade I.O.). A section of military made its appearance in the vicinity and our guard opened fire. The enemy suffered one casualty Lance Corporal Maddox killed. Our men withdrew having no casualties.

WS 1638 Michael Riordan When Sergt. Mulherin, R.I.C. Intelligence Officer, was shot in Bandon on July 25th 1920, it was anticipated that enemy forces would take reprisal action. The home of the Brigade Intelligence Officer (Seán Buckley) was one of those likely to be attacked and arrangements were made to provide a guard in the vicinity of the house. With Jim Doyle of our company (Kilpatrick) I went to Frank Hurley's, Lauragh Tinker's Cross Company area. Accompanied by two or three men from the latter company, we moved on to the vicinity of Seán Buckley's where we remained for some time. There was no sign of any enemy activity, so we withdrew to our home areas. We were all armed with shotguns. This was on the night of July 25th. Similar procedure was followed by other members of the same companies (Tinker's Cross and Kilpatrick) on the following night, with like results. 0n the night of July 27th the representatives from Kilpatrick were: Michael Doyle and John Coveney. They had only just taken up their positions when two soldiers made their appearance. The leading man was about 30 yards in front of the second. When the leader was within about 10 yards of our guard, fire was opened on him and he was killed. The second soldier then dashed away and escaped. Our men withdrew without delay as they were within 100 yards of Bandon military post. The soldier who had been shot was later reported to be Lance Corporal Maddox, Essex Regiment

Buried Chiswick Cemetery

Maddox's coffin at Bandon

1921 Jan 18. Probate granted to his widow

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