M/31415 Pte Thomas Labrom, RASC


1879 Born St Pancras, London


1895 Aug 4. married Ethel Horne at Camden Town

8 July 1901 A son Frederick James born Camden

1903 Apr 18 . A son Albert born Camden

1905 MAr 12. A daughter Mable born St Pancras

 Served for 4 years in the 17th Battalion Middlesex Rifle Volunteers

17 Feb 1909 enlisted at Netley into the Royal Army Medical Corps (Special Reserve)

 640 Private Thomas Labrom, Royal Army Medical Corps (Special Reserve)

8 May 1909 RAMC School of Instruction. Qualified as a Cook.  Posted to Cooking Section.

16 Aug 1909 Finished training at Netley

13 to 27 Aug 1910 Present at Annual training at Netley

3 April 1911 A daughter Elsie born St Pancras

15 to 29 July 1911 Present at Annual training at Netley

6 to 20 July 1911 Missing from Annual training at Netley

25 Feb 1914 Daughter Ivy born Camden

4 to 18 July 1914 Present at Annual training at Tidworth

13 Aug 1914 Mobilsed at Netley and posted to the No. 3 Field Ambulance, 1st Division

18 Aug 1914 embarked at Southampton

19 Aug 1914 disembarked Boulogne

No. 3 Field Ambulance was ordered to the L'Ecole Bienfaience, Ypres at the end of Oct 1914.

5 Nov 1914 awarded 8 days Field Punishment for Insolence

6 Nov 1914 joined unit for duty

No. 3 Field Ambulance opened up as a Divisional Collecting Station but on 9 Nov 1914 they had become the most advanced Dressing Station due to the progress of the engagement

10 Nov 1914 awarded 3 days Field Punishment and fined 14 days’ pay for leaving billet while undergoing Field Punishment and entering an Estaminet contrary to orders. Apprehended by the Military Police.

16 Nov 1914 Awarded 6 months imprisonment. When on active service breaking into a House (Nuns Quarters) in search of plunder

19 Nov 1914 Sentence found to be irregular and altered to 28 days detention

24 Nov 1914 This incident is mention in the Unit War Diary

27 Nov 1914 Escaped at GHQ while awaiting removal to Military Prison

4 Dec 1914 Appeared at the Royal Army Medical Corps Depot in the UK. He claimed to have been a patient at the Royal Victoria Hospital from 27 Nov 1914 but the Hospital had no trace of a Private Thomas Labrom

26 Jan 1915 Posted to France

27 Jan 1915 Posted to the Hospital Ship Neuralia

8 May 1915 Posted to UK

11 May 1915 joined Royal Army Medical Corps Depot

12 May 1915 Goes absent and later declared a deserter

 27 May 1915 While still a deserter from the Royal Army Medical Corps he enlisted as ST 1133 Thomas Labrom into the Royal Naval Reserve

31 May 1915 Posted to HMS Pembroke the shore barracks at Chatham

5 June 1915 Working on MT Shackleton a hired trawler fitted out for mine sweeping

13 June 1915 Apprehended by the Army

14 June 1915 Re-joined Unit the Royal Army Medical Corps, Depot

1 July 1915 Awarded 28 days detention (14 days remitted)

14 July 1915 returned to duty

10 July 1915 awarded 21 days detention

23 July 1915 discharged as unfitted for duties of the Royal Army Medical Corps

27 July 1915 Returns to Royal Naval Reserve from ‘Shore’

25 Aug 1915 Discharged from HMS Pembroke shore barracks at Chatham

3 Sept 1915 Posted to HMS Actaeon part of the Navy's torpedo school in Chatham Dockyard, used to carry out torpedo trials and to train new recruits for the Navy. Working on the MT Edward VI a hired trawler, in service as minesweeper, then cable repair vessel.

15 Oct 1915 Moved to MT Xylopia a Steam Trawler fitted out as a minesweeper. Intended for target-towing. On the outbreak of the war it was allocated to the patrol organisation as minesweeper.

3 Nov 1915 Goes on the ‘Run’ from Royal Naval Reserve from HMS Actaeon

10 Nov 1915 He now enlisted at Holborn while still on the ‘Run’ from the Royal Naval Reserve into the Royal Welsh Fusiliers as 34802 Private Thomas Labrom

Posted to the 18th (Reserve) Battalion (2nd London Welsh) Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Kinmel Park in North Wales

7 Dec 1915 awarded 7 days detention

19 Feb 1916 awarded 28 days detention

8 May 1916 Discharged as medically unfit. Chronic bronchitis and Emphysema. Alcoholic. Condition not due to service as a soldier.

 18 May 1916 Appears at the Royal Navy Depot and enlisted as K33207 Stoke 2nd Class Thomas Labrom

18 May 1916 Posted to HMS Victory the Portsmouth Barracks.

22 July 1916 At this point the authorities realise he is on the ‘Run’ from the Royal Navy Reserve and he is retained for service in the Royal Navy and dealt with for his desertion from the Royal Navy Reserve.

22 July 1916 Awarded 60 days detention for desertion

2 Sept 1916 Posted to HMS Africa attached to the 2nd Detached Squadron, then serving in the Adriatic Sea.

6 April 1917 Posted to HMS Cormorant an Osprey-class sloop the receiving ship at Gibraltar

27 Oct 1916 7 days in cells

7 Jan 1917 Awarded 90 days detention for stealing

10 May 1917 Posted to HMS Victory II at Crystal Palace

22 June 1917 Promoted to Stoker 1st Class and posted to HMS Hercules part of the The Grand Fleet.

2 Jan 1918 3 days in cells

24 April 1918, HMS Hercules ordered north to Orkney to support the dreadnought Agincourt and the 2nd Cruiser Squadron when the High Seas Fleet sortied north for the last time to intercept a convoy to Norway. They enforced strict wireless silence during the operation, which prevented Room 40 cryptanalysts from warning the new commander of the Grand Fleet, Admiral Beatty. The British only learned of the operation after an accident aboard the battlecruiser SMS Moltke forced her to break radio silence to inform the German commander of her condition. The British ships were not able to reach the High Seas Fleet before it turned back for Germany.

14 May 1918 7 days in cells

21 Nov 1918 HMS Hercules present at Rosyth, Scotland, when the German fleet surrendered.

3 Dec 1918 HMS Hercules was detached to take the Allied Naval Armistice Commission to Kiel, Germany

3 Dec 1918 Posted to HMS Victory II at Crystal Palace

13 Feb 1919 to Shore for discharge 

23 Dec 1919 living at the Seaman’s Institute Southampton

26 April 1920 Clasp & Rose for 1914 Star issued

 15 Oct 1920 Joined the The Royal Irish Constabulary as 74315 Temporary Constable (Black and Tan) Thomas Labrom

 28 Feb 1921 Re-enlisted at Whitehall for 6 months aged 33 into the Royal Army Service Corps as a Light Car Driver Class III as M/31415 Private Thomas Labrom

Posted to 615 Motor Transport Company in Dublin

16 July 1921 Died Dublin from accidental GSW


1921 BW & VM issued by Navy to Widow

29 May 1922 Widow applies for pension

22 June 1922 BW & VM issued by Army returned claimed by Royal Navy

23 June 1922 Widow awarded a pension


British soldiers died in Ireland