Kevin Barry Ambush

Church Street immediately after Kevin Barry's arrest, 20 September 1920

Bandsman F Noble, 2nd Duke of Wellington’s Regiment gave evidence from a wheelchair. He stated the lorry with the soldiers came from Collinstown in order to get bread for the camp from Monks Bakery in North King. The lorry arrived the bakery at about 11.30. In the lorry were

When the lorry stopped at the entrance to the bakery, Private Noble, Private Smith and Sergeant Banks got out of the lorry. They went into go into the bakery yard to bring out the bread. But just then three young men came up behind them and shouted “Hands up!” More IRA men emerged from the bakery. When the soldiers of the escort did not comply, some of the IRA group opened fire at them while others who had taken positions inside the bakery premises then began to shoot at Sergeant Banks and his two companions.

The firing continued for some three minutes, the men in the lorry fired back. The attackers soon retreated, but Private Washington was lying dead in the lorry, while Privates Whitehead and Humphries, who since died, were wounded. Noble himself was wounded in the ankle. Private Humphries died at the King George V hospital on Tuesday night.

Kevin Barry, to be captured hiding under the British lorry with a loaded pistol in his hand. Barry as a prisoner was one of four known IRA casualties. Among the others, Bob O’Flanaghan was the most seriously injured, suffering a deep bullet wound to the scalp that required medical treat-ment, including stitching, and a period of two months for recuperation. The injuries to Sean O’Neill and Harry Murphy were only slight

The following soldiers died as a result of an IRA ambush on a party of soldiers collecting the days bread ration from a bakery. The attack took place on Church Street Dublin. One of the IRA men, Kevin Barry, was arrested and later executed for his part in the ambush. Barry was 18 years old when he was executed.

On 20 October, Major Reginald Ingram Marians OBE, Head of the Press Section of the General Staff, informed Basil Clarke, Head of Publicity, that Washington was “only 19 and that the other soldiers were of similar ages.”

Kevin Barry ws tried for the murder of Marshall Whitehead and was hanged.

British Soldiers died in Ireland