Pte John Kelly, 43681 Manchester Regt

1894 Born

1914 Sep 2. In RN as a seaman on HMS Victorian

1915 Apr 5. Leaves HMS Victorian

1916 Oct 3 . Enlists age 22. Previously a Marine Trimmer. Address given as 1a Soho Sq, Liverpool. His mother is Margaret Kelly of 40 Ben Jonson St, Liverpool. His Service on Ancestry starts on this page and keeps going past "new soldier" as that leads to his re-enlistment

1917 Feb 20 Deserted from his regiment at Colchester

1917 Mar 1. Found and arrested

1917 Jun 15 Lands in France

1918 Jul 6. Returns to UK

1918 Jul 19. Gets a 12 month gaol sentence for stealing another soldiers purse.

1918 Sep 27. 14 days detention for breaking away from escort while awaiting trial for being AWOL for 9 days

1918 Oct 9. Returns to France

1919 Mar 15 Re-enlists in France. Mother given as Margaret Kelly of 45 Mansfield St, off St Anne's St, Liverpool.

1919 Apr 5. Back to UK

1919 Jul 5. Declared a deserter

1919 Oct 1. Found by civil police. Army awards him 42 days detention

1919 Nov 28. Rejoins Manchester Regt from Detention Barracks

1919 Dec 8. 10 days detention for being absent and drunk

1920 Jan 27 Transferred to a Convalescence Hospital

1920 May 17. To detention Barracks in Cork. 21days for refusing to obey an order

1920 Jun 3. Released from detention barracks

1920 Jun 14. Awarded 28 days detention for misconduct & absence and enters detention barracks

1920 Jul 5. . Released from detention barracks

1920 Aug 26. Died at Cork. The Court of Inquiry minutes are available. Private Wardell accidentally shot Private Kelly and Private Dodd . Without more information I cannot determine whether Private Dodd died or not as a result of his wounds.




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