2309138 PTE Vivyan Montague Lys Georges Fradin de Belabre

1890 Jun 11. Born London, St Giles Middlesex Genealogy son of Louis Marie Charles Fradin de Belabre (d 1944) & Janetta Alexandra West (d 1903). The marriage produced 2 girls in addition to this one son.

1891 census I cannot find them. The family are abroad, given the birth places of the children at this time

1901 census I cannot find them. The family are abroad, given the birth places of the children at this time

1903 His mother dies in Rhodes and a few years later his father remarries. And in 1911 census his father is living at 29 Westbourne Gardens Folkestone, with new wife and 2 daughters.

1911 census is a 20 year old farmer and head of household. Living at Scotsford Hill, Mayfield, Sussex. His nationality is "French - naturalised British Subject"

1912 Nov 7. Departs for Melbourne on SS Desmosthenes. Eadys are on the ship too. He is down as "farm labourer"

1912 Dec 15 Arrives Australia

1913 From index of missing people in Victoria Police files. "Belabre, Vivyan M de." French Consul in Melbourne in 1913 forwards letter from French Consul Belabe in Newcastle on Tyne England, regarding his son Vivyan, who left Sussex with Thomas Eady family for Australia, without saying goodbye. He is now apparently living on a farm in Victoria with the family, and his father wants details. Found. 15 pages, List 14. (I cannot access these files)

1915 Mar 25 Arrives back in UK on SS Osterley. A 25year old farmer from Melbourne.

1915 Apr 10. Enlists at Bovington Camp. His permanent address is given as Abingdon, Moorside, Fenham, Newcastle-on-Tyne

1915 Apr 28 . The undermentioned temporary Second Lieutenants to be temporary Second Lieutenants. Dated 31st October, 1915, but with seniority from the dates specified against their names: From The Northumberland Fusiliers — Vivyan M. de Balabre. 28th April, 1915.

1917 May 29 . Temp. 2nd Lt. V. M. de Balabre, North'd Fus., attd. A. Cyclist Corps, and to be transfd. to Gen. List.

1917 Jul 1 Promoted Lt (Gazette 9 Jan 1917)

1917 Oct 25. Wounded in France

1918 Feb 20. To 21 Squadron. He gives address as Beaufort Mansions, Chelsea on RAF record

1918 May 28. To UK, SW area

1918 Jun 7. To 14 TDS

1918 Jul 29. Tried by courtmartial and sentenced to loss of seniority

1918 Oct 4. Tried by General Court Martial.This is not on his file.

1918 Nov 12. Lt. V. M., de Balabre is dismissed the service by sentence of a General Court-Martial.

1919 He took part in the expedition to Archangel. His mother is reported to have said His conduct led to his being made a Knight of St. George, to be decorated with the Croix de Guerre Belgian French and English. There is no record of his having received any of these awards.

1921 Apr 22. Died Dublin. On inquest list as accidental death and CWGC grave. (ref Vivian Lys Belabre, Apr/Jun 1921 vol 2, p 400 Dublin North)

1923 Jun 29. London Gazette publishes a list of the Names of Deceased Officers, Soldiers and Airmen whose Personal Estate is held for distribution amongst the Next-of-Kin or others entitled. Effects, Belabre, V. L., Sigmn., R.C. of Sigs £1-6-2d

1924 Jun 27. Again in London Gazette as nobody has claimed his "fortune"

1925 Jun 30. Again in London Gazette

1926 Jun 29. Again in Gazette

1929 Jun 28 Again in Gazette

1931 Apr 8 (sic) Probate granted to his father

His service file WO 339/40584


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