Northamptonshire Regiment casualties in Ireland

Lieutenant-Colonel H. R. H. Drew, D.S.O., assumed command on 28th July 1919, and a few days later the cadre moved to Templemore in Ireland, where they took over the companies of the 3rd Battalion which were distributed at Nenagh (" A "), Thurles (" B "), Cashel (" C ") and Templemore (" D "), and on 5th September the Headquarters of the 3rd Battalion moved to Northampton.

In addition to their other duties the battalion had to find a large draft for the 2nd Battaion, of 224 men, who sailed for India in December.

1920 Feb 20 Pte G P Raynham Died in Templemore. Natural causes? Northampton Regt CWGC
1920 Aug 16 Lt.Col S H Beattie Templemore Town Hall Fire Northampton CWGC
  L/Cpl H J Fuggle Templemore Town Hall Fire Northampton CWGC
1920 Oct 28 Private T Crummey Thomastown Ambush Northampton Regt CWGC
  Private F A Short Thomastown Ambush Northampton Regt CWGC
1920 Nov 4 Lt H J Hambleton Shot near Nenagh - Intelligence Officer Northampton Regt CWGC
1921 Jun 6 Private F G Carroll Accidently shot Templemore Northampton Regt CWGC

Lt H J Hambledon was the Batallion Intelligence Officer, and he was shot near Nenagh

Lt BAEM Hall was the Intelligence Officer in 1921

Regiments with casualties in Ireland