British Soldiers accidently killed by firearms in Ireland 1919-21

I have recorded 104 deaths of British soldiers from their own firearms - a sentry firing, a comrades rifle accidentally killing them, a genuine accident with their own gun, and other accidents with firearms. The British went to some trouble to hide details of these types of death, and the actual figure is undoubtedly higher.

Date Soldier Incident Regiment CWGC Cause
1919 Mar 10 Pte WE Smith Died Mallow. GSW to head Cameron Highlanders CWGC  
1919 Apr 29 Pte C B Kirk Accidently shot by a comrade - Co Down Somerset CWGC  
1919 Mar 30 Pte WF Hill Accident shot at Fethard, County Tipp Lincs Regt CWGC  
1919 Jun 9 Pte P McNiffe Shot by sentry at Wellington Barracks Labour Corps (S Lancs) CWGC  
1919 Jun 24 Cpl R E Phillips Accidently shot by another soldier Royal Welsh Fusiliers CWGC  
1919 Jul 22 Pte G E White Killed accidently in a rocket explosion 3rd North Stafford CWGC  
1919 Aug 21 Pte R Morris Accidently shot, Limerick RWF CWGC  
1919 Sep 15 Private W M Booth Accidently shot by another soldier Yorkshire Regt CWGC  
1919 Oct 29 Pte J Kavanagh GSW Connaught Rangers CWGC  
1919 Oct 31 L/Cpl EN Parry Accidently shot in Dublin Welsh Regt CWGC  
1919 Dec 7 Pte H Rose Died Ballinrobe Ireland. Gun accident Border Regt CWGC  
1919 Dec 28 2nd Lt F Boast Shot by one of his men at Vice Regal Lodge 2nd. South Lancs CWGC  
1919 Dec 29 Pte J.Heap Shot by sentry in Co.Mayo. 2nd Border Reg CWGC  
1920 Feb 3 Pte J Barnes Died Central Mil Hosp Dublin. Gun accident 51st Welsh Regt CWGC  
1920 Feb 9 L/Bdr B C Shreeve Shot by a soldier accidently at Cahir, Tipperary RFA CWGC  
1920 Mar 23 Pte F J Hale "Accidently killed" in Dublin Rifle Brigade CWGC  
1920 Apr 20 Pte C Duckworth Accidently shot himself in Dublin Lancs Fusiliers CWGC  
1920 May 6 Sgt R Bishop Accident. Shot by another soldier 6th Dragoon Guards CWGC  
1920 May 20 Pte A Bowes Accidentally shot by a comrade Yorkshire Regt CWGC  
1920 May 27 Pte.J.Clarkson. Accidentally shot at Vice-Regal Lodge 1st Kings Own.R.Lancs CWGC  
1920 May 31 Pte P Miller Accidentally shot in Dingle by another soldier East Lancs CWGC  
1920 Jun 13 Pte E C J Stratton

Accidentally shot dead by another soldier

17th Lancers CWGC  
1920 Jun 13 Pte H Thompson Accident, shot by sentry 6th Dragoon Guards CWGC  
1920 Jun 13 Pte J M Cairns Accident, shot by sentry 6th Dragoon Guards CWGC  
1920 Jul 5 Pte JWH Parfitt Accidently shot Worcs Regt CWGC  
1920 Jul 28 Pte W H Ridgway Killed accidently by a grenade, Tralee East Lancs CWGC  
1920 Aug 4 Pte Alfred G Stonell Killed in barracks by accident. Rifle shot. Ox & Bucks CWGC  
1920 Aug 4 Private J. Connelly Accident – shot himself at Kilmihil, Clare Royal Scots CWGC  
1920 Aug 5 Private H T J Jerrum Accidently shot Hampshire Regt CWGC  
1920 Aug 8 L/Cpl Bricknell Accidently shot himself. Dunshaughlin, Meath 15th Hussars CWGC  
1920 Aug 9 Pte C L Burke Accidently shot by another soldier, Derry Queens West Surrey CWGC  
1920 Aug 20 Pte J Goodreid Accidently shot South Wales Borderers CWGC  
1920 Aug 24 Pte J Evans Buried Charleville. Accidental shooting by a soldier MGC CWGC  
1920 Aug 26 Pte J Kelly Accidently shot by a comrade Manchester Regt CWGC  
1920 Aug 26 Pte Dodd Accidently shot by a comrade - did he die? Manchester Regt no  
1920 Aug 27 Pte FA Day Died K George V Hosp Dublin. Shot accident S Wales Borderers CWGC  
1920 Aug 31 Private J A Jamieson Accidently shot by another soldier, patrol in Belfast Cameronians CWGC  
1920 Sep 4 Sgt.P.H.Turner Accidental leg wound. Died Belfast Mil. Hospital. 1st Royal W.Surrey CWGC  
1920 Sep 12 Pte F B Catchpole Accidently shot by another soldier 1st Norfolk Regt CWGC  
1920 Sep 15 Pte C Berriman "Died shot" 9th Lancers CWGC  
1920 Sep 18 L/Cpl RJ Clout Accidently shot by another soldier Rifle Brigade CWGC  
1920 Sep 20 Pte H Owen Accidently shot by another soldier R Welch Fusiliers CWGC  
1920 Oct 2 Pte A.J.Wicks Killed in training accident in Cork 10th Hussars CWGC  
1920 Oct 7 Lt H St.C L'Amie Shot in accidental discharge of revolver West Riding Regt CWGC  
1920 Nov 8 Private P V Starling Killed accidentally by a rifle. Skibbereen RMLI CWGC  
1920 Nov 10 Cpl R J Muir Accidently killed with his own gun while rabbiting RMLI CWGC  
1920 Nov 21 Pte.E.W.Powell Died Dublin, Accidental bullet 2nd Worcestershire CWGC  
1920 Nov 23 Pte C Daily Accidently shot at Ennis Royal Scots CWGC  
1920 Nov 24 L/Cpl W Turner Accidently shot while on picket duty in Dublin 15th Hussars CWGC  
1920 Nov 28 Pte F A Bundy Accidently shot by another soldier Somerset LI CWGC  
1920 Dec 10 Bandsman W J P Hayes Shot by sentry, friendly fire at Collinstown 2 West Riding CWGC  
1920 Dec 10 L/Sgt H.B. Philpott Died Wicklow. Accidental shooting 1st N.Staffs. CWGC  
1920 Dec 23 Pte AL Gaskin Died at Dublin. Shot accidently 9th Lancers CWGC  
1920 Dec 24 Private J Evans Failed to answer sentry's challenge S Lancs CWGC  
1920 Dec 24 Pte T.Walsh Accidentally shot Co.Kerry. 2nd East Lancs CWGC  
1920 Dec 25 Pte B Swain Accidently shot by another soldier Kings Royal Rifle Corps CWGC  
1920 Dec 31 Pte G Lockyer Died Cork. Accidental rifle shot Kings Liverpool CWGC  
1921 Jan 13 Pte Payne G C Died Birr of accidental gunshot wounds KSLI CWGC  
1921 Jan 20 Pte A.Manley Accidently killed by a Verey light, Dublin. 2nd East Surrey CWGC  
1921 Jan 20 Pte W George Died at Tipperary . Gun accident 1st R Wark Regt CWGC  
1921 Jan 21 Pte H Eagling Accidently shot by a comrade MGC CWGC  
1921 Jan 31 Pte A B McPherson Accidently shot while cleaning his rifle in Dublin Cameronians CWGC  
1921 Feb 15 Boy J F Pettman Accidently killed at Fermoy The Buffs CWGC  
1921 Feb 16 Pte J W Oldham Accidently shot on Guard duty in Dublin K O Royal Lancs CWGC  
1921 Feb 25 Flight Officer H.A.V. Hill Shot by a sentry at Aldergrove Aerodrome RAF CWGC  
1921 Mar 17 Bands GF Rainey Died at Military Hospital Curragh Scottish Rifles CWGC  
1921 Mar 22 Pte H.Atkinson Died Dublin. Gun accident 1st Lancs Fus. CWGC  
1921 Mar 24 Pte JH Self Died at Fermoy, Gun accident Gloucs Regt CWGC  
1921 Mar 27 Pte F Hale Accidental gunshots Rifle Brigade CWGC  
1921 Mar 30 Pte Smith RL Died K.George V Hosp, Dublin. Gun accident Hants CWGC  
1921 Apr 1 Pte J Wright Accidental discharge of comrades weapon. Derry KOYLI CWGC  
1921 Apr 3 Pte H Potter Died at Kilworth Camp W.Surrey Regt CWGC  
1921 Apr 8 Major G T J Barry Shot by a sentry by mistake S W Borderers CWGC  
1921 Apr 21 Pte JW Dowdall Died at Military Hosp Curragh. Accident shot 2nd Border Regt CWGC  
1921 Apr 25 Drummer Marquis Accidently killed on military manoevres. Gunshot Gloucestershire Reg CWGC  
1921 May 1 Sgl HR Wenn Died at Curragh . Accidently shot himself Corps Signals CWGC  
1921 May 18 Private C Harsant Died Cavan. Accicently shot Rifle Brigade CWGC  
1921 May 30 A/C. W H Atkin Accidently shot at Baldonnel, Dublin RAF CWGC  
1921 May 30 Pte W Edmeads Accidently wounded at Rathmore, died 2 Jun Royal Fusiliers CWGC  
1921 May 30 Pte B Hall Shot while on guard duty, Ballyshannon 1919 Duke of Cornwall LI CWGC  
1921 Jun 6 Private F G Carroll Accidently shot Templemore Northampton Regt CWGC  
1921 Jun 6 Private W Green Monasterevan, accidently shot by a RIC man N Staffs CWGC  
1921 Jun 9 Pte H Woods Accidently killed at Blarney Railway Station Royal Fusiliers CWGC  
1921 Jun 10 Pte E Evans Died at Sligo. Shot accidently by a soldier Beds & Herts CWGC  
1921 Jun 11 Gunner J Hoare Appears to have accidently shot himself RGA CWGC  
1921 Jun 12 L/Cpl M Hudson Died of wounds, shot by a sentry at Tulla Ox & Bucks CWGC  
1921 Jun 25 Pte D. McKenzie

Died in Co.Cork. Accidently shot himself

1st Manchester CWGC  
1921 Jul 2 Pte L. Ganley Accidentally shot on ship to Ireland. Died Dublin. 1st K.O.Y.L.I. CWGC  
1921 Jul 7 Pte J H Groves Shot while on sentry duty at Drogheda KOYLI CWGC  
1921 Jul 9 Pte J. Ramsay Accidentally shot by a Sgt. Davies in Co. Kildare. 6th Dragoon Guards CWGC  
1921 Jul 13 Pte WH Exley Died at Kilworth Camp York & Lancs CWGC  
1921 Jul 16 Pte T Labrom Died Dublin. Accidently shot RASC CWGC  
1921 Jul 28 Pte T C A Steele Accidentally shot in the Curragh Gordon Highlanders CWGC  
1921 Aug 28 Pte W Jacobs Accidently shot at Belturbet Middlesex Regt CWGC  
1921 Sep 2 Pte.Radford. Died Curragh. Accidental shooting Duke of Cornwall's L I n/a  
1921 Sep 23 Private W Rennie Accidently shot Gordon Highlanders n/a  
1921 Sep 28 Gunner C Dixon Shot accidently by another soldier at Dundalk RFA n/a  
1921 Oct 3 Lt G. H. Souchon Shot by a stray bullet in Galway 17th Lancers n/a  
1921 Oct 21 Sgt S Smith Accidently shot by sentry when failed challenge Argyll & Sutherland n/a  
1921 Nov 14 Pte C Barton Died at Cavan Middlesex Regt n/a .
1922 Jan 8 Pte TG Osborne Died at Athlone. GSW Leics. Regt n/a  
1922 Jan 12 Pte AA Johnston Died at Athlone. Shot from own rifle 1st Dragoons n/a  
1922 Mar 10 Lt HR Malet Accidently shot by another officer Royal Artillery n/a  
1922 Apr 6 Pte P Walsh Accidently shot in barracks Border Regt n/a  
1922 Jul 26 Pte H H Stainfield Died at Dublin .Accidently shot Kings Own n/a