Standard Hotel

Standard Hotel

Standard Hotel, Harcourt St in 1950s

aerial view standard hotel

None of the British officers asked for by the squad arriving at the Standard Hotel were in their rooms

Michael Collins' offices at 76 Harcourt Street were raided in November 1919 and he escaped down the skylight of the Standard Hotel next door, cracking a rib in the process. Modern Harcourt Hotel is at number 60

In 1927 Thom's Directory gives it at 79-82 Harcourt St - The Standard Hotel . The building is shared with the Dutch Consulate a J.R.A.W. Weenick and is at the junction with Clonmel St. Number 76 is listed as a Catholic Girls Hostel

WS 621 Patrick Mullen says he was in group from 4th Battalion, C Coy who were assigned Standard Hotel raid. However raid was called off before they got there, as targets were no longer there. His job would have been to smash the phones

The Commander of C Coy, 4th Battalion, was Gerry Byrne. He had been detailed to mount a 2 man patrol from St Leonards Corner to Rialto, and to fire warning shots if a British patrol came their way. Leonard's corner is the junction between the South Circular Road and Clanbrassil St. Rialto is to the west of the junction and about where the old extension to the canal was located. So say the patrol progressed west on South Circular road i.e. past Wellington Barracks and towards Kilmainham. It is a long way from Harcourt St.

Sean Smith’s appointment with four officers at the Standard Hotel in Harcourt Street was called off, never kept. There was no longer anyone there to kill

The Standard Hotel was in Clonmel street, and it was demolished about 1970. It is now the site of a new office building.


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