Murders at 119 Morehampton Rd

aerial shot morehampton rd
119 Morehampton Rd today

There were 2 men murdered and one wounded at 119 Morehampton Rd, Dublin on the morning of 21 Nov 1920. There is a discrepancy in accounts as to whether it was 117 or 119, but the operational sketch in Gleesons book, Bloody Sunday, clearly gives 119

What happened is in little doubt. Just before nine in the morning, a group of between twelve and twenty armed men knocked at the door and it was opened by a boy of ten, Percival, the son of Mr. Thomas Herbert Smith, the householder. They rushed into the house and dragged Mr. Smith and Captain MacLean (who were in bed with their wives) into a front spare bedroom. Mr. Caldow, the brother of Mrs. McLean, was thrust in beside them, and all three were shot. Captain McLean and Mr. Smith were dead before an ambulance could arrive. Mr. Caldow was seriously wounded

Mrs Smith testified that to the inquiry I saw some men coming up the stairs, who appeared to number about 20, with revolvers in their hands. They then told me to put my hands up and my husband came out on the landing and asked for a little time to put on some clothes, which they granted. I then asked if I could go into my baby in the next room and they pushed me roughly into it. I then heard about 8 shots. A minute or two later I heard John Caldow (who was staying with us) call out Kate (meaning his sister) run for the doctor. I then came out and saw John Caldow in [the] entrance to the room, lying on his back wounded. I passed him and saw my husband lying very badly wounded and Mr MacClean dead. My husband had no regular occupation and owned property. His age was 47. He did not take part in politics, but was very friendly with Captain MacLean who had just resigned from the army.

The IRA group, said to be 6 who entered the building, included, they were believed to be 3rd Battalion, K Coy

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