84 or 54 or 28 Lower Baggott St


A WS by Christopher Fitzsimons, F Coy 2nd Battalion says he was in an abortive raid on Lower Baggott St, he cannot remember the number, it was 84 or 54 he thinks. They knocked on the door, the maid let them in, but their man was not there, and they left without shooting. They went to the Liffy to get their boat to the north bank, but their boat was not there. And involved were

WS by Pat McCrea I was mobilized for 35 Lr Gardiner St together with the remainder of the Transport men. It was between 8 and 9 o'clock when I arrived there and received instructions from Dick McKee and Peadar Clancy. They were together in the hall. I was told what was to take place on Sunday morning, each car with two drivers was allocated a certain street or area. I was told to assist the unit that was operating at 28 Lr. Baggot St. As well as I remember, the men on that job were a couple of members of the squad - P. Griffin, Eddie Byrne and Mick Fleming.