Fitzwilliam Sq

Captain Crawford narrowly escaped death after the IRA entered a guesthouse in Fitzwilliam Square where he was staying, looking for a Major Callaghan. On not finding their target, they debated whether or not to shoot Crawford. They decided not to shoot him as he was not on the hit list; instead they gave him 24 hours to leave Ireland, which he promptly did.

Crawford told the gunmen that he was in charge of the motor repair dept.

This may or may not be connected. There is the story in Bloody Sunday, Gleeson, that talks about a raid on Mrs Horan's high class boarding house near St Stephens Green. According to Mrs Horan the gang came to shoot a "Mr Cleveden" a Civil Servant, and a "nice young man", who had not been in his room that night. However the next Tuesday, Mr Cleveden, returned in the uniform of a British Officer, in an armoured car and a lorry load of Auxiliaries. He entered the house with an armed escort, packed his belongings and left without saying a word. He did not pay his rent either. Thoms 1923 does not have a Mrs Horan with a guest house in Fitzwilliam Square.

Thoms 1927 lists 28 Fitzwilliam St Up as Mrs. Caroline Thiery (no occupation or other details). 28 Upper Fitzwilliam St was the address of Bowen who had been murdered the month before, and newspapers had reported the exact address, adding that another officer shared the lodgings with Bowen. And 28 Upper Fitzwilliam St is almost on Fitzwilliam Sq


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