Eastwood Hotel

91 Lower Leeson St today

91 Lower Leeson St the Eastwood Hotel is later listed as a private hotel with 3 single and 3 double rooms. The address seems to have regularly changed owners with 1911 census showing 92 only as a boarding house run by Josephine Roche. Thoms in 1914 lists 91 & 92 Private Hotel - Miss Jones (next to C.U.S.). 1923 Thoms shows The Eastwood Hotel as being at Nos.91 & 92 Lower Leeson Street with a Mrs Telford as the prop.

The IRA failed to find their target at the Eastwood Hotel, a Lt-Colonel Jennings, as he, along with Major Callaghan, had "spent the night in a local brothel. " There is some confusion on whether Callaghan was the same man as at Fitzwilliam Sq guest house. On balance there was probably only one "Callaghan", and he could have been at Eastwood Hotel

2 men were left at the back of the hotel, Bennett led the party into the hotel. They were told Jennings had left 2 days before . They searched the hotel and were satisfied that he was not there.

In Exchequer Hotel Raid (McGuiness WS) The 2 men they were looking for were in hotel register, but had left. Apparently each of the targetrs had a real and a false name

There is the story in Bloody Sunday, Gleeson, that talks about a raid on Mrs Horan's high class boarding house near St Stephens Green. According to Mrs Horan the gang came to shoot a "Mr Cleveden"


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