East Road/Church Road, Dublin

This operation did not come off as the targets had left the house the day before and there was nobody at home when the Volunteers called. Apart from the name of the road, nothing exists on the targets. It had been allocated to 2nd Battalion and appears to be the only one of their operations which did not come off.

The Military Service (1916-1923) Pensions Collection confirms some of the details. In fact , the target was on Church Road , and in their military pension applications two members of the 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade, Irish Republican Army, make reference to their participation in Church Road ‘job’ .Details are still scarce- neither the exact address or the individual targeted are mentioned. For anybody who does not know the geography of the East Wall area, East Road and Church Road merge, and it is easy to see how confusion might arise. Both Byrne and Smyth in these extracts were experienced and well regarded volunteers.

Captain William Byrne, 2nd Battalion IRA, states in relation to November 21st operation that his role was “organising for job and making preparations on job at Church Rd.  – the man wasn’t there.”

Michael Smyth states that on Bloody Sunday he was on Church Road, and gives the following detail “We went to this house in Church Road. There was a man there but not the man we wanted. We took away all the correspondence of the man we wanted who was down in Cork”.

Addresses Raided by the IRA