Where the IRA hit squads struck 21 Nov 1920

map of bloody sunday murders

The addresses raided on 21 Nov 1920

The raids are believed to have been planned by Sean Russell who later organised the bombing campaign in England in the 1930s

About 15 hits squads, each with on average 15 men, were ordered to attack their targets at precisely 9am on the morning of Sunday 21 August 1920. Each address had on average 2 targets. "The List" of Collins has not survived, so we do not know exactly who was targets, and in addition Dublin Brigade appear to have added extra targets of their own - I suspect in houses that originally had at least one, and that Dublin Brigade upped this to two at each address.

It is extremely difficult to determine the number of men actually targeted, and the number of addresses that the IRA raided that morning. Where raids resulted in no contact, the victim being out, or an innocent man murdered, there are few wishing to have their names associated with that raid in history. So over 200 men were involved in these hit squads, and each squad had sentries outside each building, first-aid men, drivers and boatmen. This was a big operation.

The site is cross-referenced from address to the killers and their victims and those who escaped for one reason or another. It is clear that 15 men died (including Col Montgomery who died of his wounds a little while later). Undoubtedly Mrs Newberry and her unborn child should be included in the dead. There were a further 12 men who were either wounded in the attacks and lived, or who were out when the IRA called. Then there were others who have not been recorded by history.

From the original list of Collins 35 men, around 20 men were targeted. The original list has not survived for history,so we cannot know for certain who was on it, how many of the men killed or attempted to be killed were on Collins original list, and how many were added, or collateral casualties.

Earlsfort Terrace 3rd Battalion A Coy
East Road/Church Road 2nd Battalion  
Eastwood Hotel 4th Battalion F Coy
Exchequer Hotel 4th Battalion  
Fitzwilliam Square    
Gresham Hotel 2nd Battalion D Coy
Harcourt Street    
Lower Baggot St 84/84 2nd Battalion F Coy ??
Lower Baggot St 92 2nd Battalion B Coy
Lower Baggot St 119 3rd Battalion B Coy
Lower Mount Street 2nd Battalion E Coy
Morehampton Road, Donnybrook 3rd Battalion K Coy
North Circular 1st Battalion  
Northumberland Rd 3rd Battalion D Coy ??
Ranlelagh Road 4th Battalion  
Shelbourne Hotel    
Standard Hotel 4th Battalion C Coy
Upper Mount Street 2nd Battallion E Coy
Upper Pembroke Street 3rd Battalion C Coy

The map gives one an idea how concentrated the area of operations actually was. 11 of the addresses are within a box one mile long by half a mile wide.

The Bloody Sunday Murders